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Providing Massage for the Workplace, Events & Parties

 What is on-site massage?

On-site massage is a fast, effective and versatile form of therapeutic treatment concentrating on the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands and scalp. 

Chair Massage is a fully clothed, non oil treatment which includes massage of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Clients will be comfortably seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair, while the therapist employs classical massage techniques and pressure work to target and relieve muscular tension in the body, reduce stress levels and improve alertness.

Where and When? 

On-site massage can be used in the office as part of a stress management (and back care) programme and is recommended weekly or bi-weekly.  It can also be used to boost staff morale during times of extra work, as a reward for meeting difficult deadlines or as a bonus for staff.  On-site massage is extremely versatile and can also be used to enhance conferences, trade shows, product promotions and parties.

Benefits to the individual 

       Relaxes muscles, releases tension and eases aches and pains

       Can help reduce the likelihood of RSI (repetitive strain injuries)

       Alleviates symptoms of stress such as headaches, eyestrain and insomnia

       Promotes overall health and has a balancing effect on the body

       Leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised 

Benefits to the organisation 

By providing health benefits to your employees, you are in turn specifically benefiting your organisation by:  

       Reducing likelihood of absence from work due to stress-related conditions

       Demonstrating a progressive approach to the wellbeing of employees and showing staff you care!

       Increasing staff morale and motivation, helping to improve productivity

 The charge for on-site massage treatments is 35 per hour.

 All equipment and consumables required for the treatments will be supplied.  How many people can be massaged per hour depends on the length of each massage session.  Before commencing a massage treatment the employees are asked to fill out a brief consultation form in order to assess their general health and to ensure that the treatment is both suitable and beneficial to their needs.


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